False Idols for True Worship

The Eternal Flame began because I love the Golden Girls. Like, LOVE them. I have every episode memorized and often fall asleep to them at night, for comfort.

I spotted someone else's Golden Girls prayer candles on Etsy and thought: "Those are amazing! I wish Sophia was holding her purse though." Then I remembered the Photoshop skills I had in my back pocket, gleaned from my 15-year career as a Video Editor. Tapping in to my obsessive fandom and equally obsessive perfectionism, I designed my own set of Golden Girls candles. Then of course I had to make sets for some friends...and their friends...and some people at work....and an Oprah and Gayle for my best friend...and before long my Etsy shop was born.

It took me awhile to settle on a design style that I was happy with. It also took a few months of experimenting with printers and paper, and finding the right kind of candles to adhere my images to. Not to mention the challenge of finding the best packaging and shipping practices to get my heavy, breakable products across the country and even across the world in one piece.

I make and ship all my candles from my home in Fullerton, California, with my wonderful husband Michael as Chief Shipping Officer (fastest candle packaging in the West) and my supercute Shih Tzu Ophelia as CMO (Chief Morale Officer) and Napping Supervisor.

I try to add new designs as often as I can, but I put lots of time and thought into each design so I can't crank them out as quickly as I'd like. I have a list a mile long of Saints I want to make, and I get more suggestions all the time.

I put my own heart and soul into these images because I truly do love the people and characters I celebrate with these candles. Especially Oprah and Gayle. And Piggy and Kermit. And Neil deGrasse Tyson and Lisa Vanderpump and...I have more heroes than I will ever have time to candleize!

I do take commissions from time to time, depending on who the celebrity is and whether I really want to stare at their face up close and personal for several hours. If I think lots of people would want a certain saint I will definitely consider it.

These candles make people so happy and I love that! We all have our personal heroes and Saints, and I think prayer candles are a fun and delightful way to celebrate them.

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